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Amarin Technologies S.A. has a patent-protected technology for transdermal devices and semi-solid topical formulations. The devices designed by our Company are of the drug-in-adhesive type and consist of thin units, which contain the active principles in a matrix composed of acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives and excipients such as permeation enhancers, co-solvents and antioxidants.

Transdermal delivery systems (TDS) provide therapy for periods between one and seven days. The increase in the interval between doses, in relation to oral dosage forms, favours patient compliance. Another advantage of transdermal administration of drugs is the possibility of reaching sustained and controllable levels of drug in plasma, avoiding peaks and troughs reached with the oral or intravenous routes of administration, thus decreasing the risk of potential side effects or lack of activity.

The Company has also developed an "enhancer" technology applied on gels. The drug permeation using this technology allows active principles to reach the target structures under the site of application.

Passive Delivery Sstems

BILAYER Type Patch, Drug in Adhesive Design

MATRIX Type Patch, Drug in Adhesive Design

TDS for the Delivery of Liquid Drugs

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