The Future of Scientific Publishing

Scientific publishing faces evolution: from prestigious journals to commercial giants. Concerns arise over access barriers, rising costs, and the emergence of predatory publishers. The future hinges on open access and digitalization, shaping a dynamic landscape for knowledge exchange.

Sustainable Future in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Environmental sustainability is a fundamental pillar for maintaining a harmonious balance between humans and their natural environment. This implies creating programs that promote awareness of the environmental impact of our daily actions, as well as the products and services we consume.

Uniting forces for a healthy future

In the current crossroads of planetary challenges, the interrelation between the climate crisis and biodiversity loss serves as a wake-up call for humanity. These two seemingly distinct phenomena are intrinsically intertwined, and the failure to address them collectively poses significant risks to the sustainability of life on Earth.

The Importance of Supply Chain Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical business, supply chain management plays a fundamental role in delivering the necessary raw materials for the production of safe pharmaceutical forms intended for patients and end consumers. It also involves the precise and timely coordination of finished products not only for the domestic market but also for the export market.

Capitalism in the pharmaceutical industry

The progress of the Pharmaceutical Industry has undoubtedly contributed to the effective treatment or prevention of numerous diseases. This advance has been so important that access to it has been declared a human right. Parallel to the appearance of new medicines, society faces increased health spending that jeopardizes their accessibility by low-income sectors.