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Francisco Stefano - Director

Kimberley Pardo - Marketing and Business Development Analyst

In the current crossroads of planetary challenges, the interrelation between the climate crisis and biodiversity loss serves as a wake-up call for humanity. These two seemingly distinct phenomena are intrinsically intertwined, and the failure to address them collectively poses significant risks to the sustainability of life on Earth.

The climate crisis and biodiversity loss are not isolated entities but rather interconnected in more than evident ways. Extreme climate changes impact ecosystems, contributing to the decline in biodiversity. In a vicious cycle, biodiversity loss weakens ecosystems’ ability to adapt to climate change, creating a perilous environmental imbalance.

Ecosystem resilience is compromised when we don’t equitably address both crises. Biodiversity richness allows ecosystems to face and recover from climate disruptions, while lack of action on the climate crisis can lead to the extinction of numerous species, threatening environmental stability.


The unified voice of over 200 medical journals: a global health emergency

This chorus of over 200 medical journals resonates worldwide, emphasizing the imperative need to simultaneously address the climate crisis and biodiversity loss as a single global health entity. The gathered information highlights that we cannot continue treating these crises in isolation, as their interrelation poses imminent risks to global health.

Historically, responses to the climate crisis and biodiversity loss have been fragmented, addressing each challenge separately. However, these medical journals underscore the reality that both problems are inherently connected. The lack of effective coordination between the Conferences of the Parties (COP) on climate change and biodiversity has been a hindrance to addressing these crises comprehensively, according to medical experts.


The vital role of healthcare professionals: active advocates for global health

In this critical scenario, healthcare professionals emerge as key actors in preserving global health. The call is clear: doctors and healthcare professionals are expected to take an active role as advocates for planetary health. Their expertise and knowledge are essential in communicating the urgency of addressing these crises and fostering changes both at an individual and public health policy level.

Extreme weather events, food and water shortages, and environmental degradation generate a cascade of impacts on human health, from the increase in infectious diseases to the exacerbation of mental health problems. Forced migration and the rise in poverty are also direct outcomes of these crises, emphasizing the inextricable interconnection between the environment and human health.


The call to global action: the medical journal as a platform for awareness

The call from these medical journals reinforces the need for the World Health Organization (WHO) to jointly declare the climate and biodiversity crisis as a global health emergency. Medical journals, as respected platforms in the health field, stand as crucial catalysts to raise public awareness and mobilize the medical community around these pressing issues.

Editors and authors of these journals play an essential role in providing up-to-date and evidence-based information on the impacts of these crises on human health. In doing so, they contribute to shaping an informed public opinion and activating the involvement of healthcare professionals in advocating for global solutions.


Conclusion: personal commitment in the global mosaic

In a world where planetary and human health are intertwined, personal commitment takes on a new dimension. The gathered information and the urgent call from medical journals urge us to reflect on collective responsibility. Addressing the climate crisis and biodiversity loss is not just a necessity; it is an unavoidable commitment to ensure a sustainable and healthy future for future generations

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