How do we control the quality of transdermal patches?

Transdermal patches present certain attributes that make the efficacy, safety, and quality of the product and must be controlled in the laboratory through analytical techniques to ensure the performance and safety of the transdermal delivery system (or TDS). Some of them correspond to tests that are common to other pharmaceutical forms. However, due to the particular characteristics of transdermal patches, there are specific procedures that apply to TDSs and that are described in internationally recognized regulations and pharmacopoeias.

The Importance of Supply Chain Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical business, supply chain management plays a fundamental role in delivering the necessary raw materials for the production of safe pharmaceutical forms intended for patients and end consumers. It also involves the precise and timely coordination of finished products not only for the domestic market but also for the export market.

The skin and how it works

The skin not only plays a physical defense role but also has immune, metabolic and ultraviolet protection functions.

Technology and Health

Advances in technology have expanded medical treatment options and have also transformed the way professionals perform their jobs.


During the month of March, the struggle of Women to overcome the social inequality attributable to gender is celebrated.

About Vaccines

Vaccination not only protects those who have received a vaccine, but also those around them.